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Vintage Romance Play List

Well, I’m impressed how many of you actually responded to my question about making mini play lists for you! I’m humbled and excited to start this chapter on my blog. Excited because I have loads of great music to share with you. Sometimes when I find a great track and have it on repeat the whole day, I just burst of the desire to share it with the world. So – voilà! – this will be my outlet.


My promise to you is that the lists will be diverse. I love different kinds of music starting from classical and ending with reggaeton (yep, you read it correctly). I would love to hear your feedback on the lists you love and listen to most so that I can consider your tastes for my future picks.


Let’s start with something light so I suggest this Vintage Romance Play List:



Please, do let me know what you think – in the comments here or on my posts, in your Direct messages, – wherever feels most comfortable for you. I care about your opinion!


Xxx Madina

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