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Gearing up for traveling and city walks with the toddler

Today I was waiting in the queue thinking random things. And then it stroke me. I am no longer that teenager, I am a mother. A mother of two, in my 30s. Oh my, when did this even happen?! Ah, who am I tell this, probably most of you know this feeling. And then comes the moment when you realize you somehow missed how your baby has become 1 (2/3/4/5/6… 20?!).


Thus, here we are. Our Aveline is nearly 3 (how?!) and Yasmin has just turned 1 (when?!). Just last week I rearranged their wardrobes and couldn’t believe that I put together their first boxes of tiny clothes “for when they are grown ups”.


Accordingly, we had to upgrade our gears.


Up until now we had been using Mutsy i2, which was a perfect pram/ stroller for a newborn. However now Aveline, who had always hated sitting in a stroller at all, suddenly understood all the perks of observing the world while being pushed around and even getting a long day nap wherever she wants. Yasmin, in the contrary, now loves to get out of the stroller from time to time. So to choose our new transport we had to take all of this in consideration. Plus the fact that we need to be incredibly mobile as we tend to book tickets to yet another country almost every two weeks.


After some research, Mutsy Nexo turned out to be the perfect stroller for our wishes. It is easy to fold and operate and beautifully designed, which is always a “must” both for Midas and myself. Mutsy Nexo is lightweight and compact, which is perfect for travels, and has a spacious basket, which I use a lot during city strolls. We went for the colour called Mist Melange, and I love it how it turned out in the real life.



I think we will soon completely switch to using Mutsy Nexo only for the both children as it’s so much more convenient than any other compact stroller we’ve had so far, – for the record, we have tried using 6 different strollers in total.

Ok, now that the city- and travel-friendly stroller is sorted, where are we going to next?!


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