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Tasting the world’s cuisine at our own nest

These have been busy weeks for us. First sick us, then sick babies, then sick us again. Next, we had two projects to finish. But finally my mom arrived. Oh, how much we had been waiting for her! Because you know one extra adults with two under two does feel a lot easier.


During this whole period there was one thing missing, time. And unfortunately when we lack time, our daily routine tends to get broken. So the Deliveroo’s Taste Tour campaign couldn’t be more welcome in this period. We first thought it would only help us to keep up with our busy schedule but it turned out to be much more than that.


For example, being a conservative person I am when it comes to food, I had never tried Vietnamese cuisine before! Well, it exceeded all my expectations, I must say. Guess what I suggested Midas as our next travel destination? That’s right, Vietnam.

As much as we liked the Vietnamese food, I must admit that the Japanese week was still our favourite. Sushi, sushi, sushi all week long, along with reminiscing about this country of my dreams.


Last but not least, the pleasant surprise was that Deliveroo also delivers alcohol, and the bubbles were here on time to welcome my mom and to let us celebrate our first weekend with (almost) only two of us in bed.


Now with the ongoing American week and the Thai cuisine next week, we still have something to look forward to in terms of tasting “the unknown”. Also, who knows, maybe we could win the tour to one of these countries too?!


Anyways, maybe perfect parents exist. Those that manage to cook, spend time with children, meet the work deadlines and stay all so positive all the time. However, they must live on a different planet because I’ve never met those. From the name of the rest of us, the real life families with messy houses, screaming kids and late work nights, big thumbs up for the delivery service that gives us a hand in keeping up with the busy times providing a lovely break with tasty food.


This blog post is sponsored by Deliveroo but opinions are my own as always.

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