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When you want to travel but you’re at home

A man on the right grabs Midas’ arm: “Do you want a dinner?” Midas is used to this by now, with his polite but heavy “No, thank you” he makes a way for us. Bright orange tangerines sold by a thin blind man on the right, a man with a donkey passing through the busy passage on the left. You need ten pairs of eyes to watch out, and while you keep watching out, you don’t notice that the day is coming to its end. Then you get drawn to the coziness of a local cantine, where men in long white robes sit at the table drinking their tea out of pear-shaped glasses and roll the dice around backgammon. You suck in the world around you so different from your own  while waiting for your hot long-desired pointy tajine. Morocco, the miracle…


For hours we have been driving through the fields of gold and green. The spring sun is friendly and welcoming unlike the ravenous summer sun. The man pointing us the way said there would be a village to the left of the bumpy toll-free road right after the castle ruins that we’d leave behind. The sun is going down, and it feels like we’ve already met all the species represeting the local fauna, from eagles to foxes. You just cannot believe you’re actually in the heart of civilization. One thing we haven’t seen on our way though is a place to eat. There it is, the village! And there is also the only restaurant serving the finest local wine and excellent cheeses, the hightlight of our day. Ah, France, the beauty…


We are walking in a busy narrow street. So many emotions over the past week. The feeling of hundred deers licking my hand, the breathtaking heights of the mountains, the stillness of the men monastry and the way too young for his age face of the polite and humble monk. And now this hidden street in the middle of colorful night life of a busy city. The street is filled with unrecognizable sounds of the foreign language and delicious smell of unknown food. We hop in into a tiny bar with a red lantern as a sign. People make jokes about us that we don’t understand, yet they move to give us space to sit at the bar that is at the same time the kitchen. There is no menu in English and no European looking face. Anything you order is a surprise, and that’s the most exciting part of it. Japan, my love…


We treasure the memories of places we go to. You see, observe, listen to and smell the country. And also, you TASTE it. I remember the taste of every place I have been to. And when I am willing to recreate this memory in my head, I taste their traditional food. I do the same when I am about to travel somewhere and want to get in the mood for the trip.


That’s the reason I am so enthusiastic about Deliveroo’s Taste Tour campaign, where you not only get to taste the food I would normally not dare too (like Vietnamese, for example) but also get a chance to win a tour to one of the participating countries. In that list there is Mexico that we still haven’t been to and Japan that we’d love to go to again. From the comfort of our home we can give Aveline a chance to experience a different country because I’d love her to be open-minded in all the senses of the word. And who knows, maybe after these weeks together with Aveline I’ll be able persuade Midas to take off for Thailand for the winter…


If you are up for participation in the Deliveroo’s Taste Tour too, find the details over here.





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