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Relationship recharge at Sanderson

Sun beams on your face. Morning. Late morning. The slowness in your whole body. And no need to go nowhere, no need to do nothing.


It is you. The space. A bath. A breakfast in bed. And him.


Well, ok it was not exactly that. We did have to go eventually and attent the London Fashion Week. But – oh my, oh my! – I barely remember the previous time I managed to enjoy two lazy days (because come on, as hectic as it was in London, it is all lazy when kids are not around) with just Midas by my side as much as our last stay in Sanderson hotel in London.


Actually these past two months made me realize that you have to work on your relationship. For the sake of your present, your future together and your children, you need to take your attention away from them and focus on each other. And to do so, you have to give it space. In your mind and in your life.


Those two days in Sanderson, talking about our plans and dreams without interruption, enjoying the bath in the evening and then sharing strawberry pancakes and champagne in the morning, I actually felt how good life was. And it didn’t even matter that we fell asleep dressed because we both just switched off out of exhaustion. After that two-day getaway, we made a deal with ourselves to take a day off for just the two of us once in two weeks.

Thanks to our Sanderson experience, I had a reality check on what really matters for me.





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