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Our first strolls as a family of four with Mutsy i2

It’s been such an amazing month for us. The excitement of awaiting our second child, the wonderful birth of our daughter Yasmin and the bliss of the first days following this special event have been keeping us in a love bubble at home. I was lucky to recover quickly and to have Midas around. We did everything together and he particularly helped a great deal by keeping an eye on Aveline, who I found to be too active to manage on my own in the first weeks. So we spent those days at home enjoying our babies, each other and this new feeling of having a complete family.


Yet leaving home last week for our first time walk was a great pleasure. Firstly, this is such a great time of the year to get a baby as everything around is in blossom and the sun shines almost every day. Secondly, I had missed getting a clear head and filling my lungs with fresh air. But mainly it is such an unusual yet pleasant thought to be in public as a family of four. Also, it was the best occasion to test our new Mutsy i2 Pure pram, which I had been so looking forward to lay our bundle of joy in.



When we received the package from Mutsy in March, we were impatient to test the stroller so we took it with us to our trips to Dubai and London. Mutsy i2 proved to be perfect for the travel and ergonomic in use. The stroller is light-weighted, easy to steer and to fold. Also, the handlebar can be set high enough, which in our case is particularly important for very tall Midas. So, luckily for us, the stroller ensured Aveline’s long naps during the city walks and spared us headaches of where to make a stop for our girl to rest.



Actually, aside from our travels, Aveline is nowadays so active and independent that it is difficult to seat her in the stroller. That’s why we also got a step-up board to attach to the pram for when she gets tired of walking and biking.


Another great accessory, this time for myself, is a shopping basket. Moms know how annoying it can be to crag your groceries in bags while having to push the pram so this spacious basket is an extra pleasant surprise for me as it can be attached both to the pram and the stroller, is spacious and easy to use.



As summer is coming, I hope we’ll be spending more time outside and I’ll be getting some walking exercise with our Mutsy. I am also looking forward for our first trips as a family of four, and convenient baby gear is a must then.



Here are all the pieces that we thought were necessary for us:


You can see more of Mutsy in the Demo video. Here are all the available colour options and here you can find all the available accessories.


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