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The prettiest way to keep your dearest's names close to your heart
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A special kind of jewellery

As I am typing this, I am looking at two bracelets around my wrist. They say “A” and “Y”, which stands for my dearest names on Earth. What do I think of looking at this jewellery? I think of the two nights when I learned I was pregnant, I think of long 18 months filled with expectations and anxiety, I think of first sights, kisses and touches, I think of the struggles to choose the perfect names for our new tiny loves. I see their faces when I’m looking at my bracelets. I had never thought I’d be so sentimental to possess a jewellery with initials. But then again, I had never known how much these two tiny humans would mean to me.


These two very special bracelets from My Name Necklace arrived this week together with my personalized necklace. The one with three entwined rings saying Midas, Aveline and Yasmin. I’ve looked it up online, it’s called a Russian Ring Necklace – mind the irony of the name for me – and it symbolizes everlasting love. You know what’s funny? A couple of years ago I knew nothing of these people, two of which didn’t even exist. Yet now there’s no sound dearer to my ear than the sound of their names. And I love it that now I can keep them close to me, even when they are not around (at the moment this doesn’t happen often but I guess as a parent I will have to learn letting these two birds go).


This jewellery is one of the most special gifts I have received so far and a great idea for any occasion, be it a birthday, an anniversary, a graduation or a new motherhood.

My pieces from MyNameNecklaceUK:


In case you’d like to order yours, there is a 15% discount code that MyNameNecklaceUK has kindly provided my followers with – MADINA15. And the great thing is, they ship worldwide.







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  • Masha

    August 28, 2017 at 8:31 am Reply

    What a lovely idea ! The bracelets especially look so stylish on you ❤️

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