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The Perfect Lounge Furniture

What is one of the most frequent questions I get about our interior? Could you guess? Here is the answer…


We had been waiting and searching for that for a year. Because we wanted a perfect one. Because it creates a particular atmosphere at home, it makes rest time more enjoyable and movie nights more cozy. It aso finished the look of your living space and determines its style. “It” is the sofa.



Sofacompany turned out to be our perfect brand when it came to choosing the most relaxing item in the house. We first found our dream sofa combining the minimalistic Scandinavian look and comfort of a family nest for the living room. We went for one from the three-seater collection.



Then we got addicted to this comfort and got an item for every space at home. Elton armchair is finishing the look of our living room corner, and we even repeated the wall to go with it.



So when it was Aveline’s turn to get a sofa for her brand new room, the was no question where to look for it. Sunday Dusty Rose Thea from the two-seater collection with the matching pillows made the perfect fit for the wall paper that we chose for the room.



I wish I had more rooms to fill with Sofa Company’s chaise longues and daybeds. So once we decide to redesign our guest room and when Yasmin is old enough to move out from our bedroom, I know what we’ll go for.


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