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Finding the right furniture for Aveline’s room

Last time we talked about Aveline’s room makeover, there were a lot of questions about the brands for baby and children rooms. As we promised then, we will be sharing with you the ones we chose and where to get these items.


One of the first questions when decorating a room is choosing the style that suits you. From the very beginning we knew what we wanted, and we will reveal the result to you in one of our next posts. However the biggest challenge was to find the furniture that would fit our vision. An ergonomic, minimalistic and yet cozy design is what we were searching for. Before placing an order, we wanted to see various options because, to be honest, we both are quite picky when it comes to style.



That’s when we found Nubie, a website with a huge range of products for any taste, starting from all the basic furniture items and up to the most whimsical decoration pieces. We dwelled there for several days choosing the options and models that we loved most. Even though we knew exactly what style appealed us, those lookbooks made it hard to make the final decision and yet gave us some fresh ideas.



Among the diversity of brands presented at Nubie, the collection that particularly caught our attention was Oliver furniture due to its modern design with clean Scandinavian accents.

Once the finishing touches of the interior are added, we will show you our picks by this brand in Aveline’s new room.


So if you are looking for some inspiration for your children’s room, Nubie is the best place for you to visit.


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