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Makeover of Aveline’s room with Oliver Furniture & Nubie

After months of choosing the style, creating mood boards, picking the right items and putting them all together, the cosiest room in the whole house is finished and the owner can finally move in. Except for… that she can’t yet!


As you may know, Aveline is now visiting my parents and oh how appealing it is for us to play with her in her new space! But this will have to wait for a couple of more weeks when she’s back. For now, only the three of us are enjoying the result of our work and as I promised in my previous post, I am now sharing the details of the design with you. This time I’ll show you Oliver Furniture pieces from Nubie.



The minimalistic Oliver Furniture bed that many of you asked about is a Junior bed sized 167 x 97 x 69cm tall. An additional part allows you to expand it to a children size bed. However the junior bed is large enough for Aveline for now and will be wide enough for us to occasionally lie down next to Aveline for a good night story. It also perfectly fits our design idea, the bed style is unique and ergonomic. Just as we love it.



From my own childhood I remember what I loved most in my own room so I made sure to get it for Aveline too. Just before we left for our vacation, Aveline did manage to fully enjoy her other furniture set, the Oliver Furniture Ping Pong table and chair from Nubie. We placed them in the play corner across the room, however I bet Aveline will be misplacing it all the time. She just loved the fact that the set is made for her size and kept carrying the chair around. Luckily it’s light enough for Aveline and she manages to rearrange the set on her own.



I cannot wait to see how Aveline will like this whole new room thing and I’m wondering how the process of her getting used to sleeping on her own will go. It’s a new phase for all of us, and together with her turning two in just a month, it feels to me nearly as if I am a mom of an adult daughter, who is going to live on her own. Oh well, I shouldn’t think of it, I still have some years till then, right?!


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  • Svetlana

    June 28, 2017 at 7:04 am Reply

    What a beautiful design and I am in love with this bed and set of table and chairs 😍 It would be interesting to know from what mood bords you came to this, what was the process to choose exactly that and about other pieces of that room. Thank you for sharing!

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