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Baby gear essentials with Nuna & Mothercare

Ever had troubles making a choice? Well, tell me, I am the worst at it. It has always been so, I can never decide what to pick.

This gets to a totally new level once you have a baby. In the modern days parents face a huge problem: how not to drawn in the gigantic assortment of baby products and not to harm your child with stuff you buy and preferably give your baby the best care you can.

So the only way to keep up with the ever changing paediatricians’ opinions and the new trends is to get useful tips from people you trust and to test it yourself.



We got that chance, we have had the whole two months to try out all the best Nuna & Mothercare had to offer, the new Suited Collection.

Our biggest concern (and not ours only) is safety, and Nuna has two solutions for the car safety for babies, Nuna Rebl Plus and Nuna Pipa Icon.

As some of you may know, children and car seats don’t always get along together, and Aveline is no exception. So we decided to try Nuna Rebl Plus for her for two reasons, it turns 360 degrees and it is higher than other car seats allowing her to look out of the window. Well, that seems to work like a charm for us, the view entertains Aveline and she doesn’t feel the urge to entertain us during a ride.



For Yasmin, we went for Nuna Pipa Icon, which can be mounted both ways in the car and can be used as a pram when paired with the Nuna MIXX+ chassis. One of the best features is that you can put up the canopy and turn on the air conditioning in the car while the baby is well-protected from the cool airflow.



For Aveline, we tried to stop using the stroller a couple of months ago. Although she does not like to travel around in a push chair, we’ve noticed that walking long distances, especially during our trips, is really not her jam. So once she’s back, we will would like to give it a try in the lovely Nuna MIXX+ pushchair for her. The stroller is perfect for children of her age. All its features like good suspension, a footmuff and various positions of the canopy, backrest and calf support are what we looking for Aveline. And while she is still at her grandparent’s, her little sister has tried out the carry cot version of the set.



My personal favourite Nuna item is the Nuna Leaf rocker that rocks the baby using gliding motion without any batteries or electricity. A toy bar comes along with the rocker, and I notice that Yasmin is mesmerised by the view of those little animals. This means a free pair of hands to me when our girl is fed up of lying in her cot, which, in turn, means a mom rescue and extra time when it’s so needed.


Once again the Dutch design has proven to be ergonomic and beautiful. What else could you wish for?


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